Universal Edition has launched scodo, a new and innovative publishing tool. I have been testing it for a few months and it has been a joy working with it. 

Click here to see the video we made about my work with scodo.



Filmmaker Johnnie Behiri made a little documentary about me.

Click here to watch it.


A set of small format aquarelles, inspired by the Croatian sea.

A0520NIV - A0520NVII (2020), Aquarelle and pearlescent gold pigment on paper, 17 x 12 cm 


I am teaming up with Universal Edition who will publish and distribute all my compositions. They will launch a brand new system very soon and I am happy to be a testimonial. My compositions will be available from autumn. 


February meant going back to smaller sized aquarelles after quite a few large format abstract paintings. Gold became the red thread throughout the mediums, new shapes and gestures have been explored.

A0220NVIIA0220NVIII (2020), Aquarelle and gold pigment on paper, 30,5 x 22,9 cm


I finished my commissioned composition "Calamitas" for orchestra and choir on the last day of the year.

It will premiere February 7th in Cluj, Romania, performed by the philharmonic orchestra and choir of Cluj, conducted by Gottfried Rabl.


In addition to the use of gold and other pearlescent pigments I have introduced salt to my aquarelle works.

A1119NI - A1119NVIII (2019), aquarelle and salt on cold pressed paper, various sizes


Shifting back from a completely abstract use of oil to a more figurative one. The strokes have become thicker, eventually changing from a utilisation of brushes to knife.


These five compositions have premiered this year. Dreams of Lunacy and Archipelago in Romania, Static Pointillism, Reset and Rhizom in Vienna, Austria at Wien Modern.

The covers are aquarelles I made this year.

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